A beautiful video made about Children in Perma-culture, finally available!

The English version of the book can be ordered online here from the UK – I was one of the co-authors, so NHE’s influence is openly cited in the book. Buying the book will help to support training and printing more books to share these ideas more widely. If you would like to organise a CIP training for a school you are connected with, let me know off-list.

You can also find the entire book published for free online though not available in downloadable form.
It may become available on kindle at some point.

In the meantime – it is my hope that all NHE educators will benefit from it and bring it into their work. It is the fruit of 3 years of intensive work.

Here is some of the feedback from experts in the field of Outdoor Education:

Earth care, people care and fair share can serve as principles for all seasons and all professions. If incorporated into the lives of enough children, and the lives of the adults who care for them, this philosophy can change the world.— Richard Louv, author of “Vitamin N, The Nature Principle,” and “Last Child in the Woods: Saving Our Children from Nature-Deficit Disorder.”

New York Sector ​Women Proutists

The summer edition of our newsletter, Rising Sun.

Introduction to Sociocracy

Date: Friday, 14th – 16th December 2018.
Time: 6pm Start on 14th Dec
Venue: Amersham, Bucks. HP7 0RQ, UK
To register, please click here

Fri 14th Dec: Arrival; Collective meal; Basic introduction to sociocracy; Creating a community asset map. Sat 15th & Sun 16th Dec: Main sociocracy course

A whole system governance and decision making method with feedback loops by Rakesh “Rootsman Rak”

Sociocracy (aka Dynamic Governance) is based on and encourages equivalence, transparency, and effectiveness in an organisation. It encourages collaborative innovation, minimises lengthy governance meetings, and helps everyone participate in shaping the decisions that affect them.

This 2-day workshop, will give you an overview of the main elements of Sociocracy. You’ll understand why Sociocracy helps groups and organisations become more sustainable and dynamic, and you will develop skills you can apply within your groups, organisations and relationships!