Muslim women rally round #MosqueMeToo

Muslim women are using #MosqueMeToo to share their experiences of sexual harassment during the Hajj pilgrimage and other religious settings.

Muslim men and women from around the world started using the hashtag yesterday and in less than 24 hours it was tweeted 2,000 times. It has gone on to become one of the top ten trends of Farsi Twitter.

Many of the women sharing their experiences on Twitter report being groped, inappropriately touched or having someone rub against them in the crowd.

It is estimated two million Muslims undertake Hajj each year, creating huge crowds in the holy city of Mecca.

I find it hard to think about Umrah now, something that should have been one of the best memories in my life and have brought me closer to Good just ruined me.

I read about #MosqueMeToo. It brought me to horroble memories during Hajj 2010. People think Messa is the holiest place for Moslems so nobody would not do something bad. Totally wrong.

One of the important aspects of the religion of Islam is female modesty; many women are encouraged to cover their hair and body in public in order to preserve decency and keep themselves safe from male attention or harm. Many Muslim women are taught from a very young age that a hijab, or head covering, is their protection from harassment and assault.

One of the main slogans written on the walls of every office and public building in Iran says, “Hijab is not a limitation, it is your protection.

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