Role of Margiis

In early days of Ananda Marga Pracaraka Samgha, the family Margiis played an important role in the startup, growth and deve-lopment of AMPS. During the first 7 years, there were no WTs. It was those dedicated Margiis who initiated the propagation of Ananda Marga ideology. Also after the creation of Wholetimer cadre (WT) in 1962, Baba continued to place great responsibility on family Margiis.

The history shows the great role bestowed upon on them in the formation of AMPS, which de-monstrates their rightful place in the organisational structure as they provide a key sense of stability and balance.

Baba requested senior Margiis to tour outside India

While many family Margiis had leading roles in AMPS, there are few notable Margiis from those early days. Two Margiis from south India, travelled to Europe upon Baba’s request to do AM pracar. They participated in the first AM Global Conference held in Mainz, Germany, and in the first PROUT Convention in Paris, France. Those days, it was no small matter to travel from India to Europe, and those were inaugural conferences and conventions, yet Baba entrusted the vital responsibility of being an organisational representative upon two family Margiis.

They focused on pracar in Germany, France, Italy, and Switzerland. Then on a separate tour, one of them was requested by Baba to do pracar in Southeast Asia, in countries and places such as Philippines, Malaysia, and Singapore.

Margiis play a big role in AMPS

Until 1990, the PKB designation, Purna Ka’lik Bandhu (Whole Time Friend) held great honor, respect, and responsibility. At the practical side, there was not much difference between PKB (Purna Ka’lika Bandhu) and WT (Purna Ka’lika Karmii). Both are full-time for the Marga – the only difference being the first is Bandu and the later is Karmii.

One of the well known Margii was Sri Dharmenrda Rao of Devariya who worked full-time as PKB in India.

Other notable PKBs were involved in ACB Society Building Department, Publications Depart-ment, and in-charge at clinic in Tiljala. Those PKBs and so many other Margiis made great contributions for the develop-ment and growth of AMPS. With their full mind and heart, they did whatever asked of them and more. They were eager to serve Baba and His mission.

By utilising the great potential of family Margiis, as well as active Margiis, AMPS increased its resources and capacity many fold.

Today, there are lots to be gained in all aspects through a co-ordinated cooperative structure as in the days prior to 1990. By remembering the great contributions made by family Margiis up till 1990 and restoring their dynamic role in AMPS.