The Message of the #MeToo Movement

The feminist movement is not a new thing. In fact, it has been an evolutionary process over several centuries. One by one, group by group, women have struggled to enlighten men about the injustices they experience in this age of partriarchy.

Many people still don’t even know the meaning of this word “feminism”. According to the dictionary it means “the advocacy of women’s rights on the grounds of sexual equality”. That’s not a bad thing, is it?

Thanks to social media revolutionizing communications we now have the “#MeToo” movement. “Me Too” refers two things. First, it refers to a fact that every woman already knows: that 80-90% of women have experienced directly or knows someone close to them who has experienced sexual victimization or discrimination. (1) Secondly and more importantly, the silence is broken. Women are owning that experience out loud; and will no longer empower men, through the subjugation of silence, to continue unacceptable behavior. MeToo Women will no longer participate in perpetuating the culture of discrimination, sexual misconduct or abuse.

I would like to think that if the guru of Ananda Marga, P. R. Sarkar, were physically with us today, he would wholeheartedly approve. In 1978 he said, “You [women] should always remember that if anyone underestimates you, or looks upon you as inferior, you should give a very blunt reply.

And he saw the trend of the future, when in 1989 he wrote:

In some places a woman has no security for her future. If a man desires, he can divorce a woman by paying a nominal amount of money. The women had to tolerate all these injustices with bowed heads because they were physically weaker and lacking education.

Sarkar also wrote the following:

Women in many communities of the world still do the household chores, but the men are earning the money. That is why the men are in an advantageous position. The women are still subservient to the men and the men want to keep them in that state of servitude. But when the situation changes, this cheap slave labor will escape from men’s control.

So let’s continue this trend through the Me Too movement to take down the entrenched culture of male domination. The future is upon us, a future where men and women stand as equal partners in this thing we call “society”.

By Didi Ananda Ruchira – 15 March 2018

(1)Read National Coalition Against Domestic Violence (USA)

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